Sunday, April 24, 2011

Month 6

Whew, this month has been BUSY.  Lets count the activies of the Harkin clan.
1.  Baby joe eats solids!  He's a champ, good eater and no major issues.  He loves kale, unlike his father.
2.  We visited the TX Children's PWS clinic. Got our gold star and will see us in 4 to 6 months.  Yes! we get a small break from the doctors.
3. He's rolling and sitting.  Still working on the sitting as he fatigues quickly.  His therapist Anna does a great job of tricking him into sitting.
4. He's found a new love - a red stick.  This kid goes crazy.

5. Sleep study #2.  This one was much harder.  Still waiting for the results and praying for good outcomes.

6.  Easter 2011.  He loves the Easter Bunny and his basket

7.  Daddy's getting into film.  Check out his latest short

Friday, April 15, 2011


Dear Mr. Healthcare Company,

I want to thank you for all the amanzing research you do everyday to help us - the sick. You help the doctors make modern medicine, well modern.  I live and breathe healthcare for my job and at times I get discouraged by the system.  However, every now and then I see a glimmer of hope.  Hope for people that face an uphill battle with a disease, illness, or.. a broken chromosome. 

Thank you mr. health care company for helping people with Parkinson's.  In January 2011, FDA approved DaTscan for non-invasive visualization of striatal DaT while differentiating between essential tremors and tremors due to Parkinsonian Syndrome (which includes idiopathic Parkinson’s disease, multiple system atrophy and progressive supranuclear palsy).  In english, we can see the brain better.

I hope for a drug or device to see my baby's brain better and offer him a future of independence. Keep up the good work.


PS would love more PWS focus!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun Run

Everyone says motherhood changes you.  I honestly haven't felt much different except for the new bags under my eyes and expanded waistline.  But this weekend it hit me like a ton a bricks

Sunday was our first race together. I got up early and started my pre-race ritual - vitamin, oatmeal, and lube in all the right places.  Got the kiddo ready and headed downtown to the race start.  Drove past my old apartment and recalled when I use to "walk" to this race.  As I turned the corner to park the car in my super secret free parking spot, I got a rush of nerves.  Yes, I had the pre-race jitters.  We unpacked and I hurried over to the start line.  In typical Amber fashion I was an hour early for the race; need to mentally prepare. Because I had a jog stroller, I was forced to be in the back.  We literally were the last people to cross the start line.  No worries, I can catch all those non-stroller pushing people.  We weaved and bumped a few people along the way.

A friend of mine was kind enough to stay with me and help with stroller navigation.  She was great and I loved our conversation.  One thing she said stopped me in my tracks. My friend is a new mom and she pointed out that her baby has forced her to slow down.  No longer are we in the second or third wave competing for time.  We are now at the back of the pack in the "fun run" division. 

Joe has taught me how to make my life a daily fun run.  At first I was overly concerned with him lagging behind the other babies.  Now I know that he’ll go at his own pace and that’s the perfect pace.  I’m so proud of my little boy and his first 10k. As my friend said, “guess that makes it a PR.”

Baby Joe at the Cap 10k