Monday, June 27, 2011

One Small Step

It takes a village is either an ancient African proverb or the title of Hilary Clinton's book.  Either way it's true.  I'm constantly amazed at the love and support surrounding this kiddo. His one lucky squirt and his Aunt Stephanie is leading the charge.  This fall we'll be hosting a fundraiser for the Foundation for Prader Willi Research.   Here's the cool part - Aunt Steph runs the IB program for Stony Point High and her students are organizing the event.  We're going to have a 5K run/1K walk and tons of fun.  But wait there's more...if we're successful this year, our little fundraiser could become a legacy project!

Shout out to Aunt Step - same nose, mouth and hair?

So many friends are helping out.  One is a race director and will meet with the students to help organize the run.  He's also working the sponsorship angle for us.  Maybe an in with HEB!  Another is only 7 and she's created her own fundraiser page.  Her girl scout troop may work our water stations. Some friends from Houston have already raised $300+ and are coming into town for the event.  Even my super creative pals are pitching in by helping with the brochure and setting up a trapeze demonstration.  Aunt Ash from Corpus created a page and made a BIG donation today.

The event is Oct 2nd - one week before his 1st Birthday. Mark your calendars to celebrate Joe and wipe out this ugly syndrome we call PWS.

One Small Step Event

Monday, June 6, 2011

We're making progress people

WOW - how he's grown.  It's hard to believe that this kid was failure to thrive only a few months back.  Tomorrow he'll be 8 months!  He's already talking back in his squeaky, fussy, don't mess with me way.

Here's a quick chronicle of his development

Newborn - can you say bird legs

2 months - Merry Christmas

3 months - I love my chango

4 months - Happy Valentine's Day

5 months - I think I found my toes...or at least can see them

6 months - Sleep study

7 months - With Grandpa Harkin.  His hands are so big

Now for his new tricks
Mouth action

Eating with my hands


Mother's Day 2011

This post is a little late but we've been busy.  Mother's Day was more like Mother's Day weekend.  My parents drove in from Corpus on Thursday and we had three full days together.  Luckily for my husband, the in-laws got a hotel ;)

Saturday was Grandma's day.  She wanted to venture north of Austin to visit Inner Space Cavern.  Gotta say, I wasn't all that excited about it but in the end we had a blast.  Very campy.

Joe exploring Grandpa's face.  What is all that white hairy stuff?

He's also big enough to sit in a high chair.  For the most part i think they're germ infested but isn't this how little guys build their immune system?  Here's Joe with Grandma at breakfast

If mom made me go to Inner Space cavern, then I got to stop by the winery...a few bottles were added to the wine fridge.

Mother's Day breakfast with the guy.  Chad (the husband) is conspicuously missing from all these photos.  I promise he exists and participates :)