Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm back

This title is appropriate for many reasons:
1.       I feel like a normal person.  Strange statement for most, but PWS rocked our world for the first year.  I’m now confident, not afraid of PWS, and might have figured out this parenting thing.
2.       I’m exercising consistently again.  I forgot how good I feel when I sweat.  And it’s fun exercising with Joe.  He loves to wave at the runners and say hi.  Side note – if a cute baby waves at you, I don’t care how dedicated you are to training, wave HI back.
3.       I fit in my pre baby clothes. It may not look as pretty but I’m in.
4.       I’m dedicated to updating this blog on a regular basis.  Since I’m horrible and never did a proper baby book for Joe, this is my supplement.

Update on Joe – he’s turning into such a little boy!  I love all his new words: “I like that”, ball, MOMMA (really loud)!  Tomorrow is his 3rd week of pre-school and I’m so happy to see him play with typical kids.  Ok, it’s not really a pre-school but more like a mother’s day out program.  None the less, he enjoys it and I’m sure picking up habits I’ll be battling for the next 6 months.

Now off to answer the cute little momma whimper I hear at 2 am.  Pat, pat and he’s back to sleep.  Or I just might crawl into bed with him and snuggle.  He’s the best snuggler…sorry daddy.

Snuggle Joe

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