Friday, March 25, 2011

The Big Boy at Music Class

Session two of our music class started last week.  We began when Joe was only 3 months old.  Back then I was grasping at anything to help with his development.  I'm still overambitious but feel like I have more control now.  Gotta say, it was nice to come back to class after a few weeks off and have all the moms comment on how much he's grown. I forget what he looked like only 2 months ago.  Skinny and weak - that's how I'd describe him.  It brings back memories of how hard we worked to get food in the kid.  Anxiety surrounded us when a feeding didn't go well.

How life has changed.  He eats well for 99% of his feedings.  If anything, Dr. Miller said he might be a bit too chunked. I no longer have the "oh, what's wrong with that kid" and into the phase of "he's too cute and wow look at that head control".  I want to savor these moments normalcy.

3 months

5 months

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